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1st International Conference on Tamil Diaspora, Mauritius
by Kural Website
A first “International Conference on Tamil Diaspora” will be held in Mauritius from 23 to 25 July 2014 in collaboration with the Institute of Asian Studies (Chennai) and the Mahatma Gandhi Institute (Mauritius). The Conference will pool together members of the Tamil diaspora countries and t...




காணொளிகள் ...

தினம் ஒரு குறள் (666வது குறட்பா - பொருள். அமைச்சியல். வினைத்திட்பம்.)

எண்ணிய எண்ணியாங்கு எய்துப எண்ணியார்
திண்ணிய ராகப் பெறின்.

Translation :Whate'er men think, ev'n as they think, may men obtain, If those who think can steadfastness of will retain.
Explanation :If those who have planned (an undertaking) possess firmness (in executing it) they will obtain what they have desired even as they have desired it.

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